Every elements in SEO plays a very significant role to rank the website in search engine results. Metatags is also one of the SEO elements which improves overall ranking of the website.

What are Metatags SEO?

Metatags SEO are one of the elements in SEO onsite optimization. These are essential for enhancing the overall performance of search engine ranking. Metatags are text snippets, which describe the content of a page. Metatags are used in onpage of the website and it’s not visible on website page. In wordpress websites, they have good design to mention every element of the SEO easily. Meta tags helps the search engines to get the description of the website page and they index that particular page according to searches of the audience, to get more relevant searches. This are simply the “Content Descriptors” to analyse the content of web page.

What is Meta Data?

The term meta data are used to specify the web page content. It’s used by the search engines to index the web pages according to the keyword used by the audience in search engines to get the most relevant page for their search results. Consider for example, if you’re looking for restaurant, then you can type the name of the restaurant or the type of special food for which it’s famous for also you can search that restaurant on other basis. Using all those searches as keywords to make as metatags will help your audience to get the better search results. If you’re looking to find out the meta tag for a particular page, you can simply right click on the page and click on view page source. You will get the page where you can find out the HTML tags. You can also see your competitors metatags by using this strategy.

Type of Metatags:

Metatags are of four different types in SEO onpage optimization. Go through the below metatags and there usage in SEO for better understanding.

Title tag:

Title tag is not your Titles that are visible on the webpage. It’s not visible to the visitors of the page. Search engines recognize the title tag as the title of your web page while indexing the webpages. Title tag contains necessary keywords that are good for your website to get indexed in the search engine results according to the specific targeted audience. Title tag must be in such a way that describe the purpose of your web page.

Meta Description tag:

Meta description tags appear on the search engine results in blue links that insists the user to click on the link for going to the webpage they are looking for. Meta description tag are HTML tags that specify the brief description of the web page. As meta description tag are not considered as a meta tag for SEO, but it’s shown on the search engines for helping the audience to know the description of the web page. Meta description is of 156 characters that should be unique specific to the web page.

Meta keywords tag:

Meta keyword tag are generally required to be short full phrase, and it is not necessary to be meta keyword tag to be same as the title tag. Meta Keyword are no more important in point of SEO. If you specify or not it will not impact on the indexing of your search engine results.


It’s one of the significant SEO metatags. It specify the webpage optimization specific to mobile. Viewport metatags absence creates poor performance of the website in terms of mobile indexing and ranking.

Social Metatags:

Social media tags are used to control the content to be appeared in social media page created. Social and SEO metatags are different social metatags are used to promote your webpages that describe your webpage.

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