In SEO, backlinks plays a very significant role in building the image of the web site. Backlinks will acts as the backbone of the website. For Building the authority of any website, it needs a quality SEO backlinks, otherwise website is very badly effected from the penalty introduced by the Google such as Panda, Penguin, hummingbird, Pigeon and other updates. All these algorithm are introduced with an aim to focus on some points that can catch the websites, which follows the black hat techniques and to provide the audience the relevant search.


Effect of bad links will penalize you with reduced in ranking of your website. Quality links play a very significant role for creating the authority of any website. However, determining bad links are equally significant.  In order to get targeted traffic to the website, needs to build up links that adds value to website and improves authority, brand, reputation and success. A backlink to a website comes from other websites, web pages or web directory. If you’re link is found any websites that maintains a bad quality of their website then Google penalize that website and yours too. So before putting your link in any website you must check for the DA and PR of that websites. Google before indexing the websites they analyse the quality of the websites and according to that website pages are indexed in the search engine result. One of the factor that search engines check for indexing is, it will check for the number of SEO backlinks that a website has as one of the most significant factors for determining that websites search engine popularity, ranking and its significance.

Monitor the SEO Backlinks:

  • It’s very significant for your websites to have relevant backlinks for your website reputation and creating a brand.
  • Relevant domain websites assist your websites to get more targeted traffic from search engines.
  • Also it protect your websites from getting penalized, it’s very useful SEO practice for ranking a website. Monitoring the backlinks assists in maintaining the quality SEO backlinks for the websites.
  • Don’t rush to any websites, for getting a backlinks to a website. While doing this practices you may get effected with bad backlinks.
  • Usually many webmasters follows another technique, where you can exchange your link with another websites links. While doing this you must keep in mind that – the website with which you are exchanging your link must be relevant to your domain. In case, if you failed to maintain the relevancy of your domain, it creates another bad link to your website. Such links are disregarded by the search engines

What’s Bad Link in terms of SEO?

The links that don’t follow the webmaster guidelines, rules and regulations, or algorithm followed by search engines are considered to be as bad SEO backlinks. consider, In cases such as-

  • You’re getting a link from a website that are already penalized from Google
  • Getting a Backlink that is not relevant to your category of search.
  • Submitting your URL to low quality directories and duplicate content websites.
  • Links purchased for SEO
  • Backlinks from a website that accepts the quality content from webmaster or do low quality guest postings.
  • Accepting backlinks from a foreign language website.
  • Exchanging backlinks from low quality websites with low DA and PR of the websites.
  • Paid or sponsored links
  • Spammy links from blog comments, forum posting, etc.

You can remove the bad links from your websites that are effecting your websites. There are number of tools available online that will help you to find out the bad backlinks to your website and keep monitoring your websites from getting effecting from such bad backlinks. Some of them are:

  • Google Webmaster
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • Open Site Explorer
  • BuzzSumo
  • Link Diagnosis

All these tools will help you to remove bad backlinks and maintain quality links to your websites. With good quality content and links will help you to get better rank in search engine results.

In order to perform analysis of bad backlinks you can also manually remove the backlinks that are irrelevant to your websites and links which can’t remove contact with the webmaster and asked them to remove your links from their websites. Google index filter is the good way to easily identify such websites that are not index in their lists and are penalized.




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