What is social media campaigns?

Social Media campaigns is a lateral marketing technique to help business to achieve goal using different social media platforms. The type of campaigns is differ from everyday social media efforts because of their enhanced targeting, focussed and measurability.

Setting social media campaigns goals:

A social media campaigns should concentrate towards a singular business goal. The main focus of social media campaigns is to –

  • Getting feedback from users
  • Improving overall brand engagement
  • Building email marketing lists
  • Directly driving sales
  • Increasing website traffic

The type of strategies used for campaigns creation is differ from business to business. It depends on the targeted audience, locality, demographic and other factors to decide which type of campaigns are best suited for your business.

How to Build a Social Media Campaigns:

Before creating any social media campaigns ask yourself some questions related to your business, targeted audience, demographic, area/location and other factors specific to the business. Do analysis of the competitor’s website and their marketing techniques. Collect all the necessary tools from online for tracking metrics. You can find many free social media marketing apps which track retweets, share, keywords and likes associated with your brand. You can keep track of your posts such as who’s seeing your posts, how people are responding to your post, etc. by integrating your social media account with services such as Social Mention, HootSuite and Addictictomatic.

After creating a foundation for your campaign for a defined goals and schedule a timeline for the campaign. Keep on tracking the budget and cost incurred and performance of business. These report will help you to do better in creating campaigns. Please keep this point in mind while creating a campaign-

  • Choose Effective Platforms
  • Create a List of Channel Specific Short and Long Term Objectives
  • Content must voice your brands value
  • Be focussed on maintaining and building customer Relationship and Increase Engagement
  • Create a Content Plan

Social media campaigns best practices

  • Create attractive posts and ask users to interact with your social media posts. Ask your audience to share and like your posts, take polls, review answers, join mailing lists and enter contests.
  • Encourage the audience to provide their information by conducting concerts, events, offer prizes, discounts, promo codes and exclusive content in return to their information and attention.
  • Create a concerts and deal that concert in an attractive manner and make prizes specific to the business if using a contest. Offer the prizes relevant to your business that will help the audience in future or in their daily routine.
  • Try to engage the audience throughout the campaign, answer the questions of the audience deal with the issues encounter by the audience quickly and in a positive manner with polite attention to individuals.
  • Don’t focus on single social media platform try to implement the same in different social media platform that will help you to grab the maximum traffic to your event/concert and make it be successful.
  • Take care of the appearance of the look of your campaign based on your targeted audience.
  • Carefully keep track on performance and adjust techniques if required.

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