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In SEO, backlinks plays a very significant role in building the image of the web site. Backlinks will acts as the backbone of the website. For Building the authority of any website, it needs a quality SEO backlinks, otherwise website is very badly effected from the penalty introduced by the Google such as Panda, Penguin, hummingbird, Pigeon and other updates. All these algorithm are introduced with an aim to focus on some points that can catch the websites, which follows the black hat techniques and to provide the audience the relevant search.


Effect of bad links will penalize you with reduced in ranking of your website. Quality links play a very significant role for creating the authority of any website. However, determining bad links are equally significant.  In order to get targeted traffic to the website, needs to build up links that adds value to website and improves authority, brand, reputation and success. A backlink to a website comes from other websites, web pages or web directory. If you’re link is found any websites that maintains a bad quality of their website then Google penalize that website and yours too. So before putting your link in any website you must check for the DA and PR of that websites. Google before indexing the websites they analyse the quality of the websites and according to that website pages are indexed in the search engine result. One of the factor that search engines check for indexing is, it will check for the number of SEO backlinks that a website has as one of the most significant factors for determining that websites search engine popularity, ranking and its significance.

Monitor the SEO Backlinks:

  • It’s very significant for your websites to have relevant backlinks for your website reputation and creating a brand.
  • Relevant domain websites assist your websites to get more targeted traffic from search engines.
  • Also it protect your websites from getting penalized, it’s very useful SEO practice for ranking a website. Monitoring the backlinks assists in maintaining the quality SEO backlinks for the websites.
  • Don’t rush to any websites, for getting a backlinks to a website. While doing this practices you may get effected with bad backlinks.
  • Usually many webmasters follows another technique, where you can exchange your link with another websites links. While doing this you must keep in mind that – the website with which you are exchanging your link must be relevant to your domain. In case, if you failed to maintain the relevancy of your domain, it creates another bad link to your website. Such links are disregarded by the search engines

What’s Bad Link in terms of SEO?

The links that don’t follow the webmaster guidelines, rules and regulations, or algorithm followed by search engines are considered to be as bad SEO backlinks. consider, In cases such as-

  • You’re getting a link from a website that are already penalized from Google
  • Getting a Backlink that is not relevant to your category of search.
  • Submitting your URL to low quality directories and duplicate content websites.
  • Links purchased for SEO
  • Backlinks from a website that accepts the quality content from webmaster or do low quality guest postings.
  • Accepting backlinks from a foreign language website.
  • Exchanging backlinks from low quality websites with low DA and PR of the websites.
  • Paid or sponsored links
  • Spammy links from blog comments, forum posting, etc.

You can remove the bad links from your websites that are effecting your websites. There are number of tools available online that will help you to find out the bad backlinks to your website and keep monitoring your websites from getting effecting from such bad backlinks. Some of them are:

  • Google Webmaster
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • Open Site Explorer
  • BuzzSumo
  • Link Diagnosis

All these tools will help you to remove bad backlinks and maintain quality links to your websites. With good quality content and links will help you to get better rank in search engine results.

In order to perform analysis of bad backlinks you can also manually remove the backlinks that are irrelevant to your websites and links which can’t remove contact with the webmaster and asked them to remove your links from their websites. Google index filter is the good way to easily identify such websites that are not index in their lists and are penalized.




What is social media campaigns?

Social Media campaigns is a lateral marketing technique to help business to achieve goal using different social media platforms. The type of campaigns is differ from everyday social media efforts because of their enhanced targeting, focussed and measurability.

Setting social media campaigns goals:

A social media campaigns should concentrate towards a singular business goal. The main focus of social media campaigns is to –

  • Getting feedback from users
  • Improving overall brand engagement
  • Building email marketing lists
  • Directly driving sales
  • Increasing website traffic

The type of strategies used for campaigns creation is differ from business to business. It depends on the targeted audience, locality, demographic and other factors to decide which type of campaigns are best suited for your business.

How to Build a Social Media Campaigns:

Before creating any social media campaigns ask yourself some questions related to your business, targeted audience, demographic, area/location and other factors specific to the business. Do analysis of the competitor’s website and their marketing techniques. Collect all the necessary tools from online for tracking metrics. You can find many free social media marketing apps which track retweets, share, keywords and likes associated with your brand. You can keep track of your posts such as who’s seeing your posts, how people are responding to your post, etc. by integrating your social media account with services such as Social Mention, HootSuite and Addictictomatic.

After creating a foundation for your campaign for a defined goals and schedule a timeline for the campaign. Keep on tracking the budget and cost incurred and performance of business. These report will help you to do better in creating campaigns. Please keep this point in mind while creating a campaign-

  • Choose Effective Platforms
  • Create a List of Channel Specific Short and Long Term Objectives
  • Content must voice your brands value
  • Be focussed on maintaining and building customer Relationship and Increase Engagement
  • Create a Content Plan

Social media campaigns best practices

  • Create attractive posts and ask users to interact with your social media posts. Ask your audience to share and like your posts, take polls, review answers, join mailing lists and enter contests.
  • Encourage the audience to provide their information by conducting concerts, events, offer prizes, discounts, promo codes and exclusive content in return to their information and attention.
  • Create a concerts and deal that concert in an attractive manner and make prizes specific to the business if using a contest. Offer the prizes relevant to your business that will help the audience in future or in their daily routine.
  • Try to engage the audience throughout the campaign, answer the questions of the audience deal with the issues encounter by the audience quickly and in a positive manner with polite attention to individuals.
  • Don’t focus on single social media platform try to implement the same in different social media platform that will help you to grab the maximum traffic to your event/concert and make it be successful.
  • Take care of the appearance of the look of your campaign based on your targeted audience.
  • Carefully keep track on performance and adjust techniques if required.

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Every elements in SEO plays a very significant role to rank the website in search engine results. Metatags is also one of the SEO elements which improves overall ranking of the website.

What are Metatags SEO?

Metatags SEO are one of the elements in SEO onsite optimization. These are essential for enhancing the overall performance of search engine ranking. Metatags are text snippets, which describe the content of a page. Metatags are used in onpage of the website and it’s not visible on website page. In wordpress websites, they have good design to mention every element of the SEO easily. Meta tags helps the search engines to get the description of the website page and they index that particular page according to searches of the audience, to get more relevant searches. This are simply the “Content Descriptors” to analyse the content of web page.

What is Meta Data?

The term meta data are used to specify the web page content. It’s used by the search engines to index the web pages according to the keyword used by the audience in search engines to get the most relevant page for their search results. Consider for example, if you’re looking for restaurant, then you can type the name of the restaurant or the type of special food for which it’s famous for also you can search that restaurant on other basis. Using all those searches as keywords to make as metatags will help your audience to get the better search results. If you’re looking to find out the meta tag for a particular page, you can simply right click on the page and click on view page source. You will get the page where you can find out the HTML tags. You can also see your competitors metatags by using this strategy.

Type of Metatags:

Metatags are of four different types in SEO onpage optimization. Go through the below metatags and there usage in SEO for better understanding.

Title tag:

Title tag is not your Titles that are visible on the webpage. It’s not visible to the visitors of the page. Search engines recognize the title tag as the title of your web page while indexing the webpages. Title tag contains necessary keywords that are good for your website to get indexed in the search engine results according to the specific targeted audience. Title tag must be in such a way that describe the purpose of your web page.

Meta Description tag:

Meta description tags appear on the search engine results in blue links that insists the user to click on the link for going to the webpage they are looking for. Meta description tag are HTML tags that specify the brief description of the web page. As meta description tag are not considered as a meta tag for SEO, but it’s shown on the search engines for helping the audience to know the description of the web page. Meta description is of 156 characters that should be unique specific to the web page.

Meta keywords tag:

Meta keyword tag are generally required to be short full phrase, and it is not necessary to be meta keyword tag to be same as the title tag. Meta Keyword are no more important in point of SEO. If you specify or not it will not impact on the indexing of your search engine results.


It’s one of the significant SEO metatags. It specify the webpage optimization specific to mobile. Viewport metatags absence creates poor performance of the website in terms of mobile indexing and ranking.

Social Metatags:

Social media tags are used to control the content to be appeared in social media page created. Social and SEO metatags are different social metatags are used to promote your webpages that describe your webpage.

Learning SEO is not a big task if you’re doing deep study of every SEO element either onpage or Off page. Search engines mainly performs two tasks – Crawling and indexing websites and providing the list of most relevant websites to the type of keywords searched by the end user. SEO won’t concentrate only on Google search engine, it will help your site to get indexed in other search engine result such as Bing, Yahoo, Safari and others.


Here are the few step by step procedure to learn SEO clearly:
Understand the On-Site SEO Elements

On Site optimization is the most important factor that will decide the type of keywords you’re targeting on. Also it describe the purpose of the page in your website. On site SEO components are present in every page of the website. It describes the purpose of the every web page.

Role of every element onsite SEO elements:

  • Title Tag:

The title tag specify search engines what truly needed to the page. The numbers of words in Title must be 70 characters or less than that to describe about the business or brands what web page is all about. This Title Tag is placed in between the header HTML tags “” for a particular page.

  • Meta Description:

Meta Description is the small description of that particular web page that specifies the purpose of the web page in the website. Meta Description is of 156 characters. In Meta description you can have your keywords to better index the web page. Meta description are visible to the audience in search engine results along with the Title Tag.

  • WordPress site:

WordPress site is incorporated with all the SEO components. You can easily find the various SEO plugins in wordpress sites you no need to go anywhere for getting plugins or any other tools for making your websites SEO friendly. WordPress is a SEO friendly platform for building websites.

  • Header Tags:

Every SEO friendly websites make use of three different levels of HTML header labels. That will help the users to break the content of the page in to different sections. Generally, for main headings, The labels are used and for subheadings and tags are used. These headers will help both the website visitors and search engines to spate the entire webpage content in to different spate sections.

  • Internal links:

Internal links will help the visitors of the website to move from one page to other easily. It’s not opposite to the external links.

  •  Emboldened Text:

Emboldened text helps both the visitors and search engines to keep attention on that words different from other words in the page.

  • Image Name and ALT Tags:

Adding keyword as a name to the images present in the web page will help the search engine to index the webpage for that particular image keyword.

Don’t keep on increasing the keywords in the webpages, search engines introduced some algorithm that penalize the websites that follows the black hat techniques such as inserting too many keywords in the web pages. You can take the assistance of Google keyword planner to find the keywords for targeted audience for your business.

Off Page SEO:

Off Page is all about executing this below mentioned tasks that build the backlinks to the website and get traffic to the websites.

• Social Network
• Blogging
• Forum Posting
• Article Submission
• Press Release
• Review
• Events Submission
• Video Promotions
• Pdf
• Online Answers
• Posts
• Directory Submissions

Backlinks to the websites can be built in three different ways- organic links, whitehat links and Blackhat links.


Content is the vital factor in the website. Content should be written by keeping in mind the targeted audience, keywords to be used in the content, attractive titles, use keywords in titles, meta description, and writing a very attractive Titles for every page and also the marketing content for social media sites. Content is considered as king for marketing in SEO.

How Google+ account help you in SEO:

By having account in Google+ you can easily check the keywords for your targeted audience, traffic to the website, analyse the every factors related to the websites using freely tools available online such as Google keyword planner, webmaster tools, Google pagespeed Insights, etc.; using Google+ account you can easily promote your business in social media and you can add Google + share button in website for sharing to your audience. Register websites in Google analytics and create Google Adwords campaigns. By using Google analytics you can easily track the SEO improvements.

Once you get the complete knowledge of every element of SEO both Onpage and Off page than it will not be hard for you to rank your website in search engine results. Using right keyword is the main skill you need to build in SEO.

Are you looking to stand out from your competitors? You can do that by following a white hat SEO techniques and following right marketing techniques by using free online SEO tools. In online you can find many marketing tools that will help you to check and analyse your complete websites on SEO point of view. You just need to commence this with selecting a tools from the set of tools available freely in online. After analysis of complete web search and analysis, we came up with some tools which are comprised with extremely good features to check and update your websites according to online marketing.

SEO Tools

Go through this tools and try to implement it in your website on regular basis. You will definitely see the difference in the ranking of your site. Here are the tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the free tool introduced by the Google to find out what actually people search for by using different types of keywords in search engines. You need to just add a keyword or a group of keywords separated by commas this tool will return all sorts of statistics to guide your keyword techniques: based on competition, monthly search volume and provide you with an option to generate report of this and can implement that keywords in their websites pages to rank for that particular keywords in search engine results.

  • Google Page Insights

Google page insight is the free tool available online, with Pagespeed insights you can easily determine various ways to make your website faster and more mobile friendly. PageSpeed can combine with your Nginx or Apache server to automatically optimize your site. Tools which provide similar features are WebPageTest, Pingdom and GTmetrix.


It’s a best tool, which provide all type o keywords which are searched by the audience for any particular searches on search engines. It’s just like a Google Keyword planner, it will find out all the keywords without doing signup. Keyword Tool uses Google autocomplete to create hundreds of relevant long tail keywords for any type of search. Ubersuggest is also one of the alternative for Keyword tool.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool introduced by Google that analyse, determine and reports website traffic. It’s one of the most used free tool for website analytics. Piwik is the alternative tool available online for free. In order to use Google Analytics, you just need to signup with your website and start analysing your website.

  • Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

You can find many features in this two tools, for using all those features you just need to install on your site, and for wordpress users, they can simple add webmaster code automatically with the help of a plugin like Yoast or Jetpack. By entering URL of your website you can get complete website analysis, alerts to see for any bugs or indexing issues and error reports.

  • Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a free version that provide complete analysis of the links to your website. It will provide you the most impactful links and website links to your website page.


By simply using any keyword in you can get various suggestions for the keywords you searched for. By using that keywords, you can check the number of searches and competition of that keywords in Google Keyword Planner Tool and make use of that keywords in your website pages for better indexing in search engine result.

  • XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps build sitemap for your website, by just entering your website URL and some other parameters. It will provide you a sitemap that can upload to Google Webmaster Tools.

In digital marketing, social media marketing (SMM) plays a vital role. It’s most used techniques to generate traffic to a website. You can easily convert your visitors to your clients. Social media marketing given a good platform for the bloggers and online marketers to share and educate audience with the services or products any business offers.

social media marketing
What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the online marketing techniques introduced to share the information, updates and other services and products about the business and personal or any type of information. We can easily sell or purchase products using the advertising links provided by the advertiser in their ads. Social media marketing can be done in two ways either by paid or free. Paid campaign will show your ads to the people who are interested in that topic or they search for that topics frequently.

Social media marketing can be done on social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Social media marketing have a very greater impact on public than any other traditional marketing techniques. In social media marketing techniques they targets social networks and applications to advance brand awareness or promote services or products.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the platform where people spends there lots of time than any other place. So you can estimate how much of your business presence in social media is important. Your business marketing should be done at where your targeted audience spend their lots of time. Its waste of time if you’re focusing on other areas of advertising where your targeted audience not even look at. Social media marketing is the most used marketing technique, no matter what ever be the size of business. Social help you to grow your brand and get better ROI. Social networks not only build brans create awareness of your update services and it’s became a very part of any type of marketing techniques. Pros of social media marketing are so awesome and in a very low cost you can do that. If you’re missing these opportunities than you’re missing out a phenomenal marketing opportunities.


Kindly go through these reasons why you must opt for social media marketing and how much it’s beneficial for your business:

Brand Loyalty

Social media presence help the business people to build trust of their audience and maintains the quality of their service. With regular updates on social media people can estimate how much they are concern about their customers and how can they provide services and they can claim or request any type of service with the help of social media contact. All these things helps any business to build their loyalty towards customers and trust of audience will help business to build a foundation of their brands. You can directly contact and take response of customers on social media. This will easily grab other audience to opt for your services. Also by analysis it was noted that the business people who are active on social media are more loyal to their customers.

Higher Conversion Rates

The rate of conversion with the help of social media marketing is very high. People are very attentive to see posts of the brands who are socially active with informative content. Interacting with audience is one of the best way to do marketing and convert the audience to leads.

Cost Effective

By doing social media marketing you can estimate the budget you can invest for the marketing. Also maintaining social media accounts will not cost you more. It’s a very simple process, but it’s just need a time to do posting with attractive titles which are informative to the targeted audience.

Lead Generation

Generating lead is best possible only with a social media marketing than any other else. It will directly converts your audience to your customers. You just need to maintain the pages of your site and have to maintain the quality information in it. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and similar other they provide paid campaigns where you can advertise your services or products. You can find most of your leads serving the internet on any social media platform.

Improves SEO

Social media presence increases the amount of traffic to your website. Social media provides a very effective option to share the post that will help to increase the strength of traffic to a website. If the organic results comes to a website through social media than automatically search engine better rank your website.

Don’t wait to start marketing your business with social media. The longer you wait, the more you are away from your success.

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SEO provides a search engines the clarity of a websites and its pages to crawl. Search engine introduced some algorithm to catch the websites which performs black hat techniques to better rank websites. Google has introduced some of the algorithm which encompasses – Panda, penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, Pay update, etc. Which assist the search engines to provide more relevant information to their audiences for their searches.

The audience to the website later became the leads for their business. Search engine not only focus on content of the page, but also to- images, videos, nearby searches and some other factors. Simply, SEO search the related information from keywords used by the visitors and crawl every words in websites to search for that keyword and index the website in search engine result according to the relevancy of the keyword. SEO will help the search engines to search your websites from millions of websites and thus get traffic to your websites. A few back years ago, it was not so tough to rank in search engine result. But this was not the same case because peoples are following negative techniques to get in to search engine results.

Do you know what actually a negative techniques followed in SEO- a negative SEO means not paying attention to the Google guidelines and do SEO the way they like to rank in search engine result. Without caring about the penalties they may confront in future, Google even make the website as spammy or in some case it will penalize the website by just downsizing the ranking of website. So this can create a high impact on your Google indexing and it’s good to be aware about it and avoid to high extent.

Here are some of the SEO techniques which you must avoid doing so:
Too many repeated keywords:

Don’t make use of too many keywords just to optimize your content or in order to target the keyword using it in the content for so many times. It will distract your audience, they don’t feel comfortable to read content and they move to other sites.

Duplicating Content :

Taking content from different sites and publishing to rank higher will also make your sites to be considered as spammy. Also make use of unique or fresh content in website Google also looks for the fresh content to index in search engine results.

Using Paid Links

Don’t buy links for getting backlinks to your website, instead pay attention on your content and improved the relevancy of your keyword search. Google very easily find out with its algorithm.

Cloaking your Text

Cloaking a link and using different versions of was a most practiced earlier which would be picked by crawlers. It’s better to go with a single version to found by both crawlers and which helps the users to find the website content or ads. Don’t try to practice it, as it’s badly impact your site.

Using Guest Posts link

By using guest post you can get backlinks to your websites. But the sites with lower PR and DA holding your sites backlink will negatively impact your website. As lower rank sites are refereeing to your websites. It was a very bad approach to carry out in SEO.

As many of you know, regarding people earning money from Google AdWords. Yes it’s true. You can earn money from Google by maintaining Google AdWords and AdSense programs. Many bloggers and websites are earning a high amount of money by just maintaining an information in their websites which brings an organic traffic to your website.

What are Google Advertising Programs?

Google Adwords

People are bit confused about Google AdWords and AdSense. AdSense is a marketing system that allows distributors like audience to gain profits by displaying particular advertisement on their sites. To earn money with Google AdSense you need to maintain a website with informative and quality content and it requires some commitment and investments, without a website you can’t make money from AdSense. In this case, you can go with the Google Adword. Google AdWords is main marketing platform.

Google AdWords is simply an affiliate network and pay per click advertising systems. You can commence making money from AdWords by joining two or three affiliate networks and can fuel–up your campaign using free PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising services.

Google AdWords:

It’s an acuction based advertising program, that enables advertisers to display related ads targeted to keywords or web content to potential audience across Google sites and through the Google Network, which encompasses with websites and content owners. Whenever the visitors click on the ads to the content of page on which they displayed. In this way the advertisers has to be the amount to the Google based on the number of times you’re ads appear on their pages or number of clicks on that particular page where it’s displayed.

Google distribute their advertisers with AdWords ads for showing on the Google Network through Google AdSense program. Google share at max of the revenue created from ads shown on a site of a Google Network member with that member.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

PPC is an online type of advertisement in which an advertise pays only when someone clicks on advertisement of the page of the advertiser. Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords are the leaders in PPC advertising. It will help the business people to fetch targeted audience easily.

Here are some steps that will help you to earn money from Google AdWords:

In order to earn money from Google AdWords, you must have proficient knowledge in creating campaigns, Affiliate marketing (web marketing channel in which audience, advertiser or business associates, who provides a products or services pay distribution as per their performance) and Pay Per Click follows strategies. You can get this information from doing a real time projects or take an assistance of someone who are making money from Google AdWords and getting good profits. Else you can also learn this from Google AdWords official page where they will explains every topics of Google AdWords by taking an example of specific business and how to deal with those campaigns and how to participate in auction.

These are some simple points that will help you to reach your goal of earning money from Google AdWords:

  • Register with any Affiliate Networks
  • Become an affiliate member programs by applying in a specific field.
  • Do marketing of the affiliate program that delivers extremely good pay out and with a high standard reputation.
  • Register with Google AdWords
  • Commence your advertising campaign by making advertisements using a targeted keywords.
  • Advertisements will get start displaying on real PPC web search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.
  • Targeted clients click on your displayed advertisement and finish a deal.
  • You will get the commission by means of your affiliate network that allows the lead.

Mobile Friendly Website is became the major factor to concentrate on for website designers.From the analysis of search engines it come to known as smartphone users are more than a desktop users. Almost in developed countries don’t make use of desktop for their local searches and for taking any online actions. They directly deal with the smartphone. The conversion rates are more in mobile than desktop. From this point you can predict that how much important is your website to be mobile friendly.

When we come to SEO point of view, search engines added this as the important factor for indexing or ranking your site in search engine result. Search engine follows different search engine techniques for desktop and mobiles. Generally, people don’t focus more on building mobile friendly websites they are busy with developing their desktop. From 2017, it became mandatory for the website owners to make there site mobile friendly without these you can’t survive in search engine results.

Go through these top reasons for making your website mobile friendly on SEO perspective:

Search Engine follows different SEO techniques for indexing:

Google and other search engines use two different indexing techniques based on Mobile and Desktop. As the number of audience you can find in mobile devices, so it’s very important to focus on mobile indexing. Google keep on analysing the websites based on their organize searches, type of content, URLs, keyword, images and on other factors before updating their algorithm. If you want to rank in search engine result and grab the potential customers from mobile, your site must be mobile friendly. Websites which are mobile friendly will get good ranking results.

Searches are more on Smartphones than on Desktop Systems

From the statistics it shown that mobile users are more than desktop users. So focussing on mobile point of view will help you to grab the potential customers to your websites. Otherwise it will remove your business from search engines.

On the go Consumers Search for Local Businesses using Smartphones

We are in fast paced world. In every family, people connected via smartphones. And they share their thoughts and experience with their friends and family members with the smartphones. This will help you to get indexed online and to have web presence that help to users of smartphone. Both for local searches and for globalized searches on smartphones are grab you the potential customers. Having online presence for any business on smartphones is very important for any type of business.

Local Smartphone Users are Action-Oriented

Graphical Location is the way to target your website audience for local customers in any state. Smartphones users always keeps their location on for getting the easy location of the type of service and products they need. With the only one click, customers can perform multiple actions needed in their daily life. The chances converting audience into customers are more through smartphones than desktop users. Using mobile it will be very easy for the users to perform an action.

You can Afford to Have a Mobile -Friendly Website

Websites are generally classified into –
Responsive websites–

In this type of websites, it will react based on the device where they are viewed. This type of website is generally used where sites have a lot of mobile traffic and a lot of content. It generally create changes like- Navigation menu will be condensed, content and images may be removed based on appearance of the site, multiple columns become one, etc.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

These websites are designed to work on both platform either desktop or smartphones. It changes the size of text and images changes depending on the device we use for example – font size, links can be difficult to follow, images became small, etc.

Mobile Optimized Websites

These will create two different websites for desktop and mobile devices. You need to maintain and update two websites individually. For example- for any updates you need to do it twice.

Responsive websites are more affordable for the users and maintenance is also easy.

In internet you can find lots of data and information but every information could not reach to us. As because, every content writers are SEO could not follow the right SEO techniques. The SEO or content writers, who are extremely good at targeting the customers can only reach to their potential customers. Other, even if they delivers a best services they can’t reach to their audience. Here is the point they actually fail in. SEO analysts, who follows the right techniques and get updates with the latest tools, techniques, algorithm of search engines can only fit into this digital marketing.

You can find lots of sites in search engines, but very few who follows right techniques can only reach us. This is the significant issues all business people are facing today. Now, if people into digital business they must have to maintain their website according to the latest updates of search engine algorithm. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to survive in this competitive digital world.

We are here to help you out for getting you update with some latest SEO techniques:

Mobile search is the future:

People don’t move around a desktop for getting their things done, because it’s ridiculous to do work on desktop when a high level of smartphones are getting at an affordable rate. If you want to target broad range of customers? Focus on consumer demographic using smartphones and develop a highly responsive website that looks good and optimized on all screens. Choose to build mobile friendly websites and see your website getting prioritized by search engines like Google.

voice search:

Introduce a voice recording option within your website and allow your audience to express their queries and concerns by talking without the hassle of typing. Audience can do this type of search while performing any other tasks and with this new techniques they also feel excited to do so.


Don’t upload your website with lots of images and videos. Cut down on all unnecessary information on your website and your customers would be satisfied with superfast loading pages. Implement the formats and sizes of the media that are uploaded onto website and eliminate loose links and unnecessary data that loads website. You can check your website speed by different online available tools.

Quality and Informative Content:

Maintaining and adding an informative content that provides interest and information that assist the audience of your websites. Impress your customers by emphasizing more on delivering error free and well researched quality content than on quantity.

Make a strong presence in social media

Generate and enhance the customer interest on your SEO techniques by posting and commenting on them share and let others share too. Social media is the gate for your business to grab the internet users and potential market for optimization. Update and educate your audience with the latest services and products of your business with post and let your post to be viral on social media.

Quality Link Building:

Generate Quality backlinks with right keywords that are easy to comprehend for the users and find your website compatible to the search engines.

Use Long Tail Keyword in your SEO techniques:

Try to narrow down on the needs of specific customers by using descriptive, long tail keywords which provide the great and less competitive advantage of providing the right content to draw high traffic.

Move to Https:

Move from http to https to secure the connections information and other information on your website and see its search engine ranking soaring up.

Concentrate on different search engines:

Google is the king in search engines, but if you’re looking for international wise you must consider other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and others. Different search engines are used at different places. So you have to concentrate on this point too, to boost your website rankling in different search engine results.

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