A Simple Step By Step Guide to Learn How SEO Works


Learning SEO is not a big task if you’re doing deep study of every SEO element either onpage or Off page. Search engines mainly performs two tasks – Crawling and indexing websites and providing the list of most relevant websites to the type of keywords searched by the end user. SEO won’t concentrate only on Google search engine, it will help your site to get indexed in other search engine result such as Bing, Yahoo, Safari and others.


Here are the few step by step procedure to learn SEO clearly:
Understand the On-Site SEO Elements

On Site optimization is the most important factor that will decide the type of keywords you’re targeting on. Also it describe the purpose of the page in your website. On site SEO components are present in every page of the website. It describes the purpose of the every web page.

Role of every element onsite SEO elements:

  • Title Tag:

The title tag specify search engines what truly needed to the page. The numbers of words in Title must be 70 characters or less than that to describe about the business or brands what web page is all about. This Title Tag is placed in between the header HTML tags “” for a particular page.

  • Meta Description:

Meta Description is the small description of that particular web page that specifies the purpose of the web page in the website. Meta Description is of 156 characters. In Meta description you can have your keywords to better index the web page. Meta description are visible to the audience in search engine results along with the Title Tag.

  • WordPress site:

WordPress site is incorporated with all the SEO components. You can easily find the various SEO plugins in wordpress sites you no need to go anywhere for getting plugins or any other tools for making your websites SEO friendly. WordPress is a SEO friendly platform for building websites.

  • Header Tags:

Every SEO friendly websites make use of three different levels of HTML header labels. That will help the users to break the content of the page in to different sections. Generally, for main headings, The labels are used and for subheadings and tags are used. These headers will help both the website visitors and search engines to spate the entire webpage content in to different spate sections.

  • Internal links:

Internal links will help the visitors of the website to move from one page to other easily. It’s not opposite to the external links.

  •  Emboldened Text:

Emboldened text helps both the visitors and search engines to keep attention on that words different from other words in the page.

  • Image Name and ALT Tags:

Adding keyword as a name to the images present in the web page will help the search engine to index the webpage for that particular image keyword.

Don’t keep on increasing the keywords in the webpages, search engines introduced some algorithm that penalize the websites that follows the black hat techniques such as inserting too many keywords in the web pages. You can take the assistance of Google keyword planner to find the keywords for targeted audience for your business.

Off Page SEO:

Off Page is all about executing this below mentioned tasks that build the backlinks to the website and get traffic to the websites.

• Social Network
• Blogging
• Forum Posting
• Article Submission
• Press Release
• Review
• Events Submission
• Video Promotions
• Pdf
• Online Answers
• Posts
• Directory Submissions

Backlinks to the websites can be built in three different ways- organic links, whitehat links and Blackhat links.


Content is the vital factor in the website. Content should be written by keeping in mind the targeted audience, keywords to be used in the content, attractive titles, use keywords in titles, meta description, and writing a very attractive Titles for every page and also the marketing content for social media sites. Content is considered as king for marketing in SEO.

How Google+ account help you in SEO:

By having account in Google+ you can easily check the keywords for your targeted audience, traffic to the website, analyse the every factors related to the websites using freely tools available online such as Google keyword planner, webmaster tools, Google pagespeed Insights, etc.; using Google+ account you can easily promote your business in social media and you can add Google + share button in website for sharing to your audience. Register websites in Google analytics and create Google Adwords campaigns. By using Google analytics you can easily track the SEO improvements.

Once you get the complete knowledge of every element of SEO both Onpage and Off page than it will not be hard for you to rank your website in search engine results. Using right keyword is the main skill you need to build in SEO.


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